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Whether it is 2D or 3D work, TheMadAsylum does them all.

Conditions for Requests:

TheMadAsylum creates 3D/2D works in all themes EXCEPT TABOO THEMES: Pornography/Erotic/Sexy/Sexual Relationships/Romance

Our strong points are: Military/Martial Arts/Horror/Action/Nature/Harmony/Culture/Technology/Mystic/Rage/Anime/Cartoon/Video Games
If you do not see the theme you want to... don't worry! We can create your theme too, as long as it is not on the list of the TABOO ones.
How we work:

After you have made request and have given us detailed information(simple sketches or written wish list) about what you want to be done, we will evaluate the work, see if it is possible with our equipment and if IT IS possible, we will calculate the required time needed for work. After that we will tell you how long it will take to complete it. In case you accept it, we will start working on it.  
First we will make a sketch and will send it to you, for you to see it(this is the only time we will make any corrections). If you like it and you want it done, then you need to transfer half of the price to designated account and we will finish the work.
In case you change your mind after you have paid half of the price, you have half of the designated time after money transfer to inform us about this and your money will be returned to you(For example: if work will take 3 days to be completed, you have 36 hours to inform us). If you inform us too late we keep that half of money as payment for time spent on work.
In case of problems at our side or not meeting a deadline on time, we WILL return ALL of your money to you.

In case you have more questions about payments or our conditions please contact us by sending private message here on DeviantArt or directly to us by this address:
Our Prices:

2D Character Artwork (no background) : 15Euro - 17USD - 1500Yen

2D Backgrounds:

Simple background (wall, minor objects)  : 0Euro - 0USD - 0Yen
Detailed background (interior or exterior) : 10Euro - 12USD - 1000Yen
Complex background (interior or exterior, city panorama...) : 25Euro - 32USD -2600Yen
3D Model (Non-animated object or animated): from 10Euro to 40Euro - 12USD to 50USD - 1000Yen to 4000Yen (mostly depends on the size and difficulty)
3D Character Model (non-rigged or rigged): from 50Euro to 200Euro - 65USD to 258USD - 5000Yen to 20000Yen (mostly depends on the size and difficulty)
Textures come as extra:
1024x1024 or lower: 5 Euro - 6USD - 500Yen
2048x2048 or 4096x4096: 10Euro - 12USD - 1000Yen

If you want additional features to be added there will be also an additional price. (Depends on the feature)
3D Animation: Price depends on the length, quality, how many models there will be, number of FX(Special effects), number of how many models will be animated and the difficulty of animation.

|Please note that this prices are just general guidelines. Every work is different so the final price we will discuss together|

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Submitted on
October 24, 2012